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Easypav tiles are fast and easy to assemble thanks to their self-locking system, they also are very solid, washable and resistant to oils, petrols and other chemical agents (as a result, they are often used in repair shops and car racing pits) and they have isolating sound-absorbing, self-absorbable and anti-slip qualities as well.

Made in Italy

Designed, conceived and produced entirely in Italy, Easypav has immediately become a source of pride for P.M.I. Stampi e Stampaggio, because of its widespread popularity among the racing circuits throughout the world, but it also can be used for countless reasons, not only industrial and professional but athletic and domestic as well.


Easypav combinable flooring have thermic resistance ranging from -30° to 90°C and can be equipped with fire-retardant material with safety certificate. But that's not enough: they are available in each colour of the Ral scale and they are customizable with drawings and logotypes upon request.


All the different uses for the combinable floor.

Easypav is successfully used in many motor and motorcycles' races, such as Fia GT, WTCC, Formula Kart, Formula 3000, Superbike e GP2 Series and other sports events like F1 Motonautica. Because Easypav is easy to place, disassemble, and it is characterized by stability, capacity, anti-slip qualities, and resistance to oils, petrols and other chemical agents, it is specifically used for setting up motor homes and hospitality areas, and for steady and practical work bases under the tents, inside the car racing pits.

Easypav has a capacity of 1 tonne for square metre; it is resistant to oil, petrol and other chemical agents. Its characteristics as a sound-absorbent, isolating and anti-slip product match the regulatory requirements for safety in workplaces in industrial and artisan environments. Easypav is very adaptable and requires easy installation, it is customisable with colour, logotypes of the firm brand and with writings and numbers. In the end, Easypav is the right solution even for offices' flooring, and reception or conferences areas to make more comfortable, practical and cheerful the appointed areas of the warehouse. 

Easypav is perfect for every kind of outside area, such as floorings for pools, for walkways and sidewalks. Moreover, it is functional and original for indoor and outdoor areas designated to sports activities such as gyms, recreation centers, playgrounds for children and much more. It is an excellent hygienic solution for locker rooms, showers and bathhouses. Fast to set up and to disassemble, resistant and easy to clean, Easypav is characterized by its great isolating and draining qualities, and it is ideal for camping in tents, campers, trailers, bungalows and so on. Regarding sports, Easypav offers the opportunity to create logos, numbers and letters, perfect for sponsorships and setting up podiums for sports contests' award ceremonies at various levels.

Garage and basement are the warehouse where we keep many things, utensils, electrical equipment that we often collect in a confused and messy way… How many times did we worried about all these things being damaged by the water coming from the wet car or from the snow piled up on the roof that will melt becoming a puddle of water? With Easypav draining floor, all these worries are over!

Easypav is the perfect plastic tile for driveways, gardens, vegetable gardens, porches, terraces, and it is also perfect for being kept under tables and chairs… And if we put a paddling pool and toys for the children in the yard, in the garden or in the terrace, Easypav is the perfect floor also in soft material (Gum).

Handy and customizable, Easypav is perfect for fairs and public events, tensile structures, gazebos, hermetic connections through tunnels, tents for local festivals, outdoor passageways, catering activities, tensile structures with dancefloors… and much more! Thanks to its countless possibilities of customization, Easypav is perfect to realize stands for fairs and other expositions, both indoor and outdoor. Because of the high speed at which it can be installed and disassembled and also because of its modularity, Easypav is able to resolve many problems during the set up phase, with spectacular effect and great satisfaction from the customer.

Other sports and events that have not been referred to yet deserve great attention, especially the floorings at the ticket barriers at ski resorts and firing ranges. But this is not enough, Easypav is often used also during outdoor skating events, since it can be easily set up and disassembled levelling the floor, removing the difference in height in squares and roads. Moreover, however, it is popular in hockey and in mountain bikes' jumps events. These, on the other hand, are only some of Easypav's uses, as I can think about many more. But, at this point, each of us will be able to understand what he needs and what he wants to obtain from this wonderful combinable floor in plastic material… The answer is always going to be positive!

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