Colours: yellow, red, blue, black, steel grey, white

Dimensions: 330 x 70 mm

Weight: 76.8 gr


• polypropylene (hard);

• polypropylene mixture self-extinguishing;

• Polyetylene Gum (soft)

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The modular tile Easypav allows to rapidly create, a cohesive and impressive flooring perfectly covering any type of surface, provided it is even or only slightly uneven. Easypro was born for the Motor-Racing sector, as it is also recommended in the working areas especially for the safety of the operators in specific cases such as slipping or prolonged contact with liquids.

Draining function: positioned above the existing floor it guarantees the discharge of liquids towards the drains under the planking level, keeping the operator’s lower body limbs dry.
Anti-slip function: thanks to the material with which it is produced it softens the blow in case of a downfall, considerably possible injury to the operator.
Anti-shock function: grazie al materiale con cui è prodotta attutisce il colpo in caso di caduta riducendo notevolmente l’eventuale danno da traumi all’operatore.
Soundproof function: the usage drastically reduces noise, the quantification of this data is in the function of the type of noise.
Funzione Thermic Insulation/b>: by raising the level of the planking level, it creates a protection against low/high temperature deriving from the ground.
 Electrical Insulator: can be used as a platform beside machine tools in order to guarantee the operator’s insulation from the ground.

Easy to clean: the floor resists to both acids and bases and can therefore be cleaned with the usual detergents, eventually partially disassembling it in order to clean the underside.
High carrying capacity: can stand up to 1 ton per square meter without permanent deformation.
Easy maintenance: can be substituted if damaged without the need of renovating the entire floor.
Temperature resistant: does not show issues of use within temperature range from -30° to +90° C.
Solar radiation resistant: has a special resistance to the ultraviolet rays, in addition upon request product can be made with specific resistance to UV rays for external usage.
Flame resistant: has a particular anti-flame grade, but upon request can be produced with a self-extinguishing grade V2 according to the UL standard.